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FREE BASE is a streetwear brand where myself and my colleague Sam Singer run as our personal work. Using it as a platform to express ourselves we take inspiration from contemporary culture and explore different themes through fashion, art and photography.

We strive on creating original designs which are vivid and catch the eye of our followers. 


As part of FREE BASE we put on music events, promoting local talent within the music scene.

FREE BASE has been running since 2019, we launched our brand by kicking it off with an event at Bournemouth Bomo Bunker bringing the DnB legend Aries down to join us in our sell out event! (Poster created by Myself)


Since then we have focused on releasing clothing and other items such as sticker packs and prints. On this page you can find a selection of artwork in which I have created over the last few years! Photography by Sam Singer.

If you would like to see more FREE BASE related stuff, head to our Instagram @freebaseuk

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