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I’m Harry, a graphic designer from Buckinghamshire, who has recently graduated from Arts University Bournemouth with a First class honours in Graphic Design.


Since I was young I've always loved all things creative, I have discovered a passion for design and critical thinking, applying my skills to real world scenarios using them to create positive change - something that drives me on. I also enjoy design projects which are visually pleasing that doesn't always have a call to action, like experimenting with Typography in editorial design for example.


I am confident in using Adobe software such as; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. This has enabled me to create anything I envisage from a printed poster, logo, an animated sequence to a T-shirt design.


My personal work includes unusual illustrations, where I enjoy creating vivid graphics. I get a lot of my inspiration from rave culture and futurism, mixing the two and creating something that opens up new possibilities. I exert my passion projects through ‘FREE BASE’, which I run with my friend and photographer Sam Singer. 


Outside of my creative bubble, I enjoy playing football, being social, and  travelling. I am new to the design world but I am keen to gain further industry insight. I pride myself on being professional and hard-working, if you give me the opportunity to show you some more of my work in person I would love to get a conversation going.


Please get in touch.

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